the other brother

Man sleeping on a park bench in Bangkok

Princess Mother Garden
Jatujak, Bangkok
July 2018

self-portrait with muse

on the receiving end

reeds in the morning mist

reeds in the wind

cold flow

seagull in the wind

Seagull flying in the wind

Williamstown, Melbourne
June 2018

now that it is raining

[Enter] Morning

young woman with earring

leaves on the lake


all just too much at the noodle shop

a close shot of

Portrait of a street vendor in Bangkok

Lat Phrao, Bangkok
May 2018

It has been very hot and humid here in Bangkok for the last couple of days and was particularly so last night. As it was a trial to stay indoors I took my camera and headed out to see what I could see. I walked down to Lat Phrao Rd and was standing there wondering whether to turn right or left when I struck up a conversation with a street vendor who was selling bugs and sweets.

His name was Song-got and he had a big flat tray attached to the side of his motorbike from which he was selling fried insects and sweet slices. It seems a strange combination, but one that you often see around the streets. He offered me some bugs to try, a grass hopper and something that looked like a grass hopper but wasn’t and a kind of pupa looking thing, all from Cambodia apparently. They had been deep fried, so were quite oily and all tasted the same, kind of like they had been liberally dusted with gravy powder.

Songot told me that he comes from Chiang Rai in the North and had been in Bangkok for many years, apart from the time he had spent working as a waiter in Japan. Usually he starts selling around 5:00pm and finishes at 12:00am, when he goes home and has more than one drink and reads his muay thai boxing magazines. After chatting with him for quite a while I asked if I could take his photo and he was quite happy to oblige. This a rather close shot which I took to give full attention to the expression in his eyes.

singing in the rain


Motorcycle taxi riders standing by a road in Bangkok

Motorcycle Taxi Riders
Sathon, Bangkok
May 2018

8:21pm: lat phrao road after rain

sutee lost in thought

Man lost in thought

Phae Thewarat Restaurant
April 2018

three windows

Three windows in sunlight in Bangkok

Bang Kapi, Bangkok
April 2018

afloat, adrift

Row boat adrift on a lake in Bangkok

Suan Sirikit, Bangkok
April 2018