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Graffiti carved into a eucalyptus tree


Black Rose Succulent

Black Rose

Crassula plant in shaded light

Available Light No.12

Silver Birch tree against a concrete wall

Silver Birch

Buddha Image in the Reflection of a Tree

Buddha Image in the Reflection of a Tree

Discarded flower offerings

Discarded Flowers

Rowing boat on Khlong Prem Prachakon in Bangkok

Reflection Rider

Man walking past a derelict building

No.99-A Cold World

Sunlight on autumn leaves


Weathered wooden fence

No.45-The Burning Wall

Young men waiting at the top of the stairs at Kyoto Station

No.81-White Light

Maple tree branch


Stone bridge over a stream in Koishikawa Korakuen Garden


A security guard sitting in the shadows at Kyoto Station


Dried fish hanging on a rope in front of a wooden door


Matsumoto Castle reflected in the water of the moat


Man with headgear posing for photograph in the sunlight in Bangkok

The man who insisted

Abandoned bicycles leaning against a wall in Bangkok

Abandoned bicycles

Container gardening

Overwhelming light