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Sunlight shining through mist on to reeds

reeds in the morning mist

Park bench and tree roots by a lake in Bangkok

the wishing chair

Sea wall and rocks with a calm sea

the stone rolled away

Park bench beside a lake in Bangkok

twelve trees

Eucalyptus trees in late afternoon sunlight

three trees in a quiet place

Stone bridge over a stream in Koishikawa Korakuen Garden


Motorcycle parked by a railway line in Bangkok


Sunlight in the trees beside a waterway in Nakhon Pathom

Sunlight in trees

Bridge across the lake at Jatujak Park, Bangkok

The third bridge

Chamchuri tree in a rice field in Ang Tong

Chamchuri tree in rice field

Palm trees and grasses in the wind before a storm

Just before the rain came

Fishermen's flags in the wind on the beach

Fishermen’s flags