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Man sleeping on a park bench in Bangkok

the other brother

People moving in front of projected light

self-portrait with muse

Young man taking a photo of the photographer

on the receiving end

Sunlight shining through mist on to reeds

reeds in the morning mist

Reeds being blown by the wind

reeds in the wind

Seagull flying in the wind

seagull in the wind

Young woman with earring and umbrella

young woman with earring

Eurasian Coot swimming in a lake amongst the autumn leaves

leaves on the lake

Portrait of a young woman wearing a plastic coverall


Young woman resting in a noodle shop at the end of the day

all just too much at the noodle shop

Portrait of a street vendor in Bangkok

a close shot of

Blind people busking in the rain in Bangkok

singing in the rain

Motorcycle taxi riders standing by a road in Bangkok


Woman waiting by the kerbside in Bangkok

8:21pm: lat phrao road after rain

Man lost in thought

sutee lost in thought

Three windows in sunlight in Bangkok

three windows

Row boat adrift on a lake in Bangkok

afloat, adrift

Torn advertising poster on a tin fence in Bangkok


Fallen scaffolding on the construction of a mondop in Lamphun


Hands turning page of a chanting book