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Woman walking in front of a fire-escape in Bangkok

Under another sun

Westin Grande Hotel

Westin Grande Hotel

A man walks around a corner into a patch of sunlight

Around a corner

Bicycle in a stand as a bus passes by.

The Blue Bicycle

Motorcycle speeding across a bridge in Bangkok


Sky Train approaching Chong Nonsi BTS station


Man running in an alley at night

Running Man

A man sweeping-up at night in front of a recycling business

Slowly sweeping-up the day

Pedestrian bridge over Vibhavadi-Rangsit Rd.


Banana tree leaves and lotus leaves

Leaves in the Water

Face appears in storm clouds

Your Face in the Clouds

Under the flyover at Lat Phrao Junction, Bangkok


Buildings and billboard in Lat Phrao Rd. at night


Bright reflections in a dark pool at night

Reflections in the dark

A group of boys talking on the steps in Bangkok

The Accusation

Head of Buddha image at Wat Mahathat

Buddha Image No.203

Distorted reflection of a building in Bangkok

Tower of Babel

Royal City Avenue sign at dusk

Royal City Avenue

Khlong Saen Saep, under the bridge at the Asoke/Petchaburi Pier

After the ferry has gone

Old neon sign with power lines

Neon lights…shimmering neon lights…