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Bridge across the lake at Jatujak Park, Bangkok

The third bridge

Banyan tree roots spread out over wall


A bottle floating in the water under a tree

There is always a message

Abhisit under an umbrella in the rain at Wat Khun Inthapramun


Palm trees and grasses in the wind before a storm

Just before the rain came

Nang Kwak statuette tied to a tree in Bangkok

Nang Kwak – Bringer of Good Fortune

Cooking pots and burners of an alleyway kitchen in Bangkok

Alleyway kitchen

Buddha image at Wat Saket, Bangkok

At the still point

Man climbing the steps of the overpass at Lat Phrao in Bangkok


Old lady sitting quietly in the doorway of a shophouse in Bangkok

Old lady sitting at the doorway

Young woman with mobile phone on the riverside steps of Wat Rakhang in Bangkok

Young Woman with Pigeons

Fishermen's flags in the wind on the beach

Fishermen’s flags

Motorcycle speeding across a bridge in Bangkok


Sky Train approaching Chong Nonsi BTS station