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Sunlight shining through mist on to reeds

reeds in the morning mist

Reeds being blown by the wind

reeds in the wind

Water flowing around a rock

cold flow

Seagull flying in the wind

seagull in the wind

Boston Ivy leaves in the rain

now that it is raining

Autumn leaves lit by the morning sun

[Enter] Morning

Eurasian Coot swimming in a lake amongst the autumn leaves

leaves on the lake

Plant with flowers cast a shadow on a wall in Bangkok

untitled #3

Flowers under water which is reflecting the sky

under water, under cloud

Park bench beside a lake in Bangkok

twelve trees

Tangled Mondo grass


Eucalyptus trees in late afternoon sunlight

three trees in a quiet place

Branches of a Robinia tree moving in a stone wind

Another Windy Day

Cactii in morning sunlight and shadow

This Other Place

Silver Birch tree against a concrete wall

Silver Birch

Buddha Image in the Reflection of a Tree

Buddha Image in the Reflection of a Tree

Discarded flower offerings

Discarded Flowers

Sunlight on autumn leaves


Container gardening

Overwhelming light