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Man sleeping on a park bench in Bangkok

the other brother

People moving in front of projected light

self-portrait with muse

Young man taking a photo of the photographer

on the receiving end

Young woman with earring and umbrella

young woman with earring

Portrait of a young woman wearing a plastic coverall


Young woman resting in a noodle shop at the end of the day

all just too much at the noodle shop

Portrait of a street vendor in Bangkok

a close shot of

Motorcycle taxi riders standing by a road in Bangkok


Man lost in thought

sutee lost in thought

Mother giving her child a drink

mother and child

Rickshaw driver smoking in the shade

rickshaw driver

Man with headgear posing for photograph in the sunlight in Bangkok

The man who insisted

Women sitting while fishing at a waterhole in Ang Tong

Woman fishing at a waterhole

Mr. Tamrong standing outside of his house in Yaowarat, Bangkok

Mr. Tamrong’s serious business

Young woman with mobile phone on the riverside steps of Wat Rakhang in Bangkok

Young Woman with Pigeons

Turkish man selling food

The Turkish Man