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Sunlight shining through mist on to reeds

reeds in the morning mist

Water flowing around a rock

cold flow

Autumn leaves lit by the morning sun

[Enter] Morning

Portrait of a young woman wearing a plastic coverall


Man lost in thought

sutee lost in thought

Cactii in morning sunlight and shadow

This Other Place

Rowing boat on Khlong Prem Prachakon in Bangkok

Reflection Rider

Man walking past a derelict building

No.99-A Cold World

Man with headgear posing for photograph in the sunlight in Bangkok

The man who insisted

Abandoned bicycles leaning against a wall in Bangkok

Abandoned bicycles

Overwhelming light

Motorcycle parked by a railway line in Bangkok


A cat sleeping in a window in a pavilion at Phra Nakhon Khiri

Cat in the Window

Lotus flower buds opening in the sunlight


Chamchuri tree in a rice field in Ang Tong

Chamchuri tree in rice field

Decorative feature on a building in Bangkok

One of the Ten Thousand Things

Women sitting while fishing at a waterhole in Ang Tong

Woman fishing at a waterhole

Mr. Tamrong standing outside of his house in Yaowarat, Bangkok

Mr. Tamrong’s serious business

Woman walking in front of a fire-escape in Bangkok

Under another sun