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Portrait of a street vendor in Bangkok

a close shot of

Woman waiting by the kerbside in Bangkok

8:21pm: lat phrao road after rain

Plant with flowers cast a shadow on a wall in Bangkok

untitled #3

Abandoned bicycles leaning against a wall in Bangkok

Abandoned bicycles

Container gardening

Nang Kwak statuette tied to a tree in Bangkok

Nang Kwak – Bringer of Good Fortune

Man climbing the steps of the overpass at Lat Phrao in Bangkok


Woman walking in front of a fire-escape in Bangkok

Under another sun

Bicycle in a stand as a bus passes by.

The Blue Bicycle

Man running in an alley at night

Running Man

A man sweeping-up at night in front of a recycling business

Slowly sweeping-up the day

Face appears in storm clouds

Your Face in the Clouds

Under the flyover at Lat Phrao Junction, Bangkok


Buildings and billboard in Lat Phrao Rd. at night


Night Light

Close-up of pages in a book

An Open Book

Satellite dishes on a wall in Bangkok

Bangkok Walls No.21-Latitude 13.7563° N : Longitude 100.5018° E

Bangkok Sunset

Bangkok Sunset

Bangkok Walls No.68-Intersect

Lotus in the Late Afternoon Sunlight