8:21pm: lat phrao road after rain

Woman waiting by the kerbside in Bangkok

Lat Phrao, Bangkok
April 2018

7 thoughts on “8:21pm: lat phrao road after rain

    • Thank you for your kind comment.

      I was experimenting with a new lens when I took this photo and was trying to capture the scene in hurry before it changed, so I was quickly changing settings. In this image there is actually nothing in focus, but some how in spite of that, it works.


      • A firm belief of mine is that image sharpness need not always be essential; to me, image content is really the essential thing. A 🙂


      • I agree with you Adrian. In this kind of interpretive photography the boundaries of what is acceptable with focus and sharpness can be lot more fluid. At first I felt a bit unsure, as I have never before pushed so far beyond the limits of what would be acceptable in representational photography. But in the end, my priority was to express the feeling of the scene, rather than what it looked like in actuality.


      • I suppose that all of the photography that I do is interpretive, although I’ve never thought of it in that way. I suppose it ranges from almost real to (esp in black and white) wildly unreal. Expressing the feelings of the scene – what it was like being there – is spot on. To me, the only real no-no is processing an image to look striking, and then trying to claim that it is unprocessed.


      • I think we are on the same page Adrian.

        I enjoyed looking at the photos on your website and was particularly taken with your black & white and monochrome work.


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