mother and child

Mother giving her child a drink

Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore
March 2018

erskine road #1

the wishing chair

Park bench and tree roots by a lake in Bangkok

Suan Rot Fai, Bangkok
February 2018

untitled #3

Plant with flowers cast a shadow on a wall in Bangkok

Lat Phrao, Bangkok
February 2018

under water, under cloud

Flowers under water which is reflecting the sky

Talat Noi, Bangkok
February 2018

the stone rolled away

Sea wall and rocks with a calm sea

Nakluea, Chonburi
October 2017

rickshaw driver

Rickshaw driver smoking in the shade

Meuang Malligar
January 2018

twelve trees

Park bench beside a lake in Bangkok

Suan Rot Fai
January 2018

the end of the road


Tangled Mondo grass

Mondo grass
December 2017

three trees in a quiet place

Another Windy Day

Branches of a Robinia tree moving in a stone wind

Robinia tree
December 2017

This Other Place

Cactii in morning sunlight and shadow

December 2017

Other Worlds

Silver Birch

Silver Birch tree against a concrete wall

Nagano, Japan
October 2017

Buddha Image in the Reflection of a Tree

Buddha Image in the Reflection of a Tree

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 2017

Discarded Flowers

Discarded flower offerings

Thien Hou Temple
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 2017