Looking up through a Chamchuri tree at dusk

Looking up into the leaves and branches of a Chamchuri tree in Bangkok

Chulalongkorn University
Pathum Wan, Bangkok
August 2017

4 thoughts on “Looking up through a Chamchuri tree at dusk

    • Thank you.

      I was sitting outside the Music Hall at the University yesterday evening, waiting to go inside to a concert of flute music. I noticed the light coming through the trees and on going over to investigate was delighted with what I found. Often referred to as the Rain tree, the Chamchuri tree is a symbol of the University and these beautiful shady trees are found everywhere about the campus. Chamchuri is the common transliteration into English, though I think the Thai pronunciation of จามจุรี would be better rendered as, Jarm-jury.


      • Thank for your interesting reply! It is much appreciated. And thank you for introducing to me the concept of crown shyness and the little reminder that transliteration is a tricky business.


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