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Buildings and billboard in Lat Phrao Rd. at night


Bright reflections in a dark pool at night

Reflections in the dark

A group of boys talking on the steps in Bangkok

The Accusation

Royal City Avenue sign at dusk

Royal City Avenue

Night Light

Railway tracks in Bangkok

Bangkok Landscapes No.14-Wor Wehn

Close-up of pages in a book

An Open Book

Monstera behind wire fence in Bangkok

Leaf Study No.81-Trapped

Fire extinguishers on a wall in Bangkok

Bangkok Walls No.52-Extinguished

Barbed wire against a wall in Bangkok

Bangkok Walls No.87-You Are Not Welcome

Satellite dishes on a wall in Bangkok

Bangkok Walls No.21-Latitude 13.7563° N : Longitude 100.5018° E

Bangkok wall in shadow

Bangkok Walls No.63-The Shadowed Corner

Bangkok Sunset

Bangkok Sunset

The Man in the White T-Shirt

Bangkok Walls No.68-Intersect

Lost Again

The Novice

Lotus in the Late Afternoon Sunlight

The Workman

It’s almost time now…